Welcome to Lotus Bloom Healing & Consulting!


Life can be challenging. It has it's good moments, the ones you never want to forget. Then it has its difficult moments, the ones you never want to remember. The point is that life IS your journey and the choices that you make every moment determines the outcome.

I have always wanted to help! My life was a challenging one full of hardships at every corner. I know what those moments feel like and that is why I am passionate about helping others through theirs.


I am also passionate about helping women remember who they are and the POWER they hold. Through the Ancient Mystery Teachings I show women how to re-align with the cycles of the Earth and to reclaim their power and Divinity within!

Whether it be through Yoga, Energy work, Coaching, Education or Women's Empowerment resources and more, I am here to assist your on your journey to healing!